Welcome to Sutor Shic Manor in Crete

Sutor Shic Manor was built in the 17th century by Venetians with stone walls and sculptural window surrounds. It has been carefully renovated retaining all its wonderful features but at the same time making it up to date with all the modern comforts. It is designed and furnished in a minimalist style in earthy colors and decorative motifs originating in the history of Crete, made in a loom.

In the Heart of Rethymno’s Old Town

Sutor Shic Manor is located on Minos Street, a comfortable and safe alley of the city of Rethymno, close to the forts of Fortezza Fortress. It is just five-minute walk from all the central points of the city and at the same time is far from the noise.

Cultural Heritage

The Manor first belonged to Venetians, then was aqcuired by Ottomans and then by Cretans. Because of its history the Manor is officialy listed as a historic monument and has been renovated with respect of its cultural heritage.

Its architectural traits reveals its age and the identities of the cultures that have been left in it. All the openings feature the characteristic stone-built chamber, the fireplace used as an oven, the courtyard, the well and the splendid hamam. At the point where Sutor’s pool places today, the inner courtyard of the second residence was set, bordering on the historic Public Baths of the old city and their imposing vaults, emerging from the stone-built wall.

With the passage of time the house passed into the property of an aristocratic family where the owners lived until recently. One of the rooms has been turned into craftsmanship of leather footwear, from which the present name of the villa, Sutor, has taken its name. In Latin, Sutor stands for a shoemaker, and as a mark of authenticity, the leather objects depict the face of a lion.

The current owner gave this name, enchanted by the luxury of simplicity and the secrets of this little paradise, wishing to maintain this atmosphere. The recesses of the house, some of which were crypts and other windows to communicate with the side houses, are decorated with all the finds that he has restored and testify to the passion of the previous craftsman.